Our Window Cleaning Price

We assure our pride by delivering top-notch window cleaning services. Our window cleaning prices start at just $100, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.

Transparency and Customer Satisfaction

We maintain our quality with an affordable price range. 

Our first priority is customer Satisfaction. You will get the best service from SP Window Cleaning. it’s a commitment to your contentment.

Extensive Window Cleaning Services for Homes of All Sizes

Our window cleaning services are specially tailored for all home sizes, promising a crystal-clear view both inside and out.

Our Window Cleaning Pricing List

Take advantage of our lifetime 10% discount on your second window cleaning, and stay with us for long-term customer satisfaction.

Explore extra savings with our package deals, providing cost-free solutions for regular window cleaning services.

Internal and External Window Cleaning Prices

Window Cleaning Cost 1-2 Bedroom House:  Enjoy a transparent -clear view both inside and out with our flawless window cleaning services, for 1 Storey 1-2 bedrooms the price will be $250 & 2 Storey $300

Window Cleaning Cost 3 Bedroom House: Experience the same quality window cleaning for larger homes. For 1 Storey 3 bedrooms $350 & 2 Storey $400.

Window Cleaning Cost 4 Bedroom House: Experience the transformative touch of our 4 Bedroom window cleaning services at a reasonable price. For 1 Storey 4 bedrooms $450 & 2 Storey $550.

Window Cleaning Cost 5 Bedroom House: Do you have a big house but a low budget? No worries we got you. We have a pocket-friendly solution for your five-bedroom haven. For 1 Storey 5 bedrooms only $550 & 2 Storey $650

Window Cleaning Cost 6 Bedroom House: Reasonable yet best-quality window cleaning services are the main focus of Sp Window Cleaning. Our quality window cleaning service is tailored to six-bedroom homes. For 1 Storey 6 bedrooms the price will be $750 & 2 Storey $900

External Window Cleaning

External Window Cleaning Cost For 1-2 Bedroom: Our external window cleaning price $150 For 1 Storey & 2 Storey  $200 only.

External Window Cleaning Cost For 3 Bedrooms: Experience the excellence of our competitively priced external cleaning services, just $200 For 1 Storey & $250 for 2 Storey.

External Window Cleaning Cost For 4 Bedrooms: External cleaning will increase the Beauty of the house.  You can get a reasonable window cleaning service at a competitive price. For 1 Storey $250 & 2 Storey $300.

External Window Cleaning Cost For 5 Bedrooms: Transform the external view of your five-bedroom home with our quality window cleaning. For 5 bedrooms the pricing will be only $350 For 1 Storey & 2 Storey $400.

External Window Cleaning Cost For 6 Bedrooms: Increase the external and internal beauty in a tailored price range from SP window cleaning for six-bedroom homes. For 6 bedrooms the pricing will be $400 For 1 Storey & 2 Storey only $500.

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Additional Services for a Complete Clean

In addition to internal and external window cleaning, we offer extra services like screen cleaning and track cleaning to enhance your overall experience.

Discover transparent and affordable window washing prices tailored to your home’s needs. Contact us to bring clarity to your windows today.

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